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I just reinstalled Windows XP Home today and installed all my usual applcations'drivers and SP1.

But 2 things are bugging me.

1 Something is running in the background called NS.EXE.
I normally use enditall'but enditall does'nt seem to be able to kill this thing.Also if i disable everything from starting up when i reboot my PC using MSCONFIG'this thing still starts up immediately on reboot.I also tried deleting it from my registry'but once again it reappeared?
What the hell is it and how do i get rid of it?

2 I also have a folder i want to delete.
But when i try i get a message"The Directory is not empty"
But there are no hidden files in it that i can see.
So how do i delete it?


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  1. Find litttttle app called "startup.exe", that thing will take care of start at boot. In the mean time find the sourse of it (folder) and delete it after stopping. It is not difficult to find and kill anything in winNT, win9x is a different story. MSCONFIG is a junk compare to "startup" thingy.

    The folder you can empty and delete from cmd window.

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  2. There is a NS.exe is part of a spyware program. Specifically the NetSphere keylogger.


    Of course it could also be a perfectly harmless process that just happens to have the same name as this malicious program.

    If you haven't done so already I strongly encourage you to scan your system for both viruse and other pests. Be careful as some anti-spyware programs are in fact pests themselves.

    I recommend that you donwload the free version of lavasoft's adaware. Then update and scan your system each time you install software.

  3. Just 1 question?

    Can a Virus survive a Reformat of your Hard drive.

    As my first post stated i had just reinstalled XP Home.
    And you've guessed it!!
    The reason i had to reinstall is because i had just been infected by a Virus.

    I am wondering if this NS is the Virus still active despite the formatting???

    Also i suspect it's the Virus because Adaware does nothing.

  4. Yes, a virus can survive that.

    BUT, there is more than one file in the world named ns.exe. There is also a Windows component of that name that enables access to ODBC database records. Your only hope of peace of mind is to get yourself a capable antivirus program and USE IT. I would suggest one that also does adware/spyware removal, like Norton AV 2004. I especially recommend setting it up to run scans every night when no-one will be using your system. You may not be leaving it on all night, but there are good reasons for doing so, not the least of which is using down-time to run defragging and antivirus utilities.

    Besides all that, in this day and age you either run antivirus or you're part of the problem.

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  5. Norton AV 2004 will get the job done, but
    1) It isn't free. ($50)
    2) It requires Activation. (You have to ask permission by internet of phone every time you want to install).
    3) The virus definition subscription expires after a year leaving you unprotected against new viruses unless you cough up even more money. (I know three people who became infected after they accidentally let their Norton AV subscription expire.)

    For security and privacy I currently use the free versions of the following programs.

    ZoneAlarm (software firewall)
    Avast 4 Home (antivirus)
    Google Toolbar (popup blocker)
    Lavasoft's Adaware (spyware detection and removal)

    However Norton is a little bit easier to use and install. It actually took me a half hour to familiarize myself with all of Avast's features and settings.

    I recommend you imediately download and install Avast 4 Home and Adaware. If you have problems or simply don't liek the software then go ahead purchase Norton AV.
  6. Notice that I said "LIKE NAV 2004". Not "Run right out and spend money". I simply recommend NAV 2004 since it's fairly easy for even a newbie to handle and it will block spyware/adware about as well as anything. I don't mind paying the money every year, considering how much they spend on a daily basis keeping up with viruses/worms.

    My personal setup runs Norton Antivirus 2004 and ZoneAlarm Pro. Since my business is software review, I need the best there is between me and the Internet. I haven't been infected or successfully attacked in the past 21 years, so I guess my approach works well enough. Oh, and I use something called Popup Stopper Professional to keep that nuisance down. I let Norton Anti-Spam handle spam, since it's the best solution I've found for people who use Outlook Express. I also donated to WinPatrol, so that I got the Plus version that lets me get all the info on running processes. It's tops at keeping things from sneaking in the back door.

    Now, to keep it all in one piece, I use PowerQuest Protector V2i to make drive images and NTI Backup Now! Deluxe 3.0 to make daily unattended backups of critical data.

    There may be something missing from my setup, but I spend at least a little time every day trying to think of what it might be. A paranoid sysop is a safe sysop.

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  8. reformat may not kill boot sector virus, but repartition will.

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