No Legacy High Perfromance Mini-Mobo

Take the Mini-ITX formfactor (17cm x 17cm; smaller than Flex-ATX), throw in a socket 478 or 462, give it 1 RIMM or DIMM slot, 1 AGP slot, 100Base-T, AC97, ATA/133, USB2.0, IEEE1394 and I think it'll be a nice mobo. We'll have a mini-mobo with all the modern connectivity included, PC1066 RDRAM or DDR400 support, operating a P4 or Athlon CPU and capable of taking on a proper video card. Isn't that all we need?

Notably, we have just thrown away the completely useless occupants of real estate. Namely:

1. No RS232 Serial ports
2. No Parallel port (use a USB printer/scanner)
3. No Game ports (go find a USB joystick)
4. No PS/2 keyboard jack (go find a USB keyboard)
5. No PS/2 Mouse jack (go find a USB mouse)
6. No unnecessary PCI slots
7. No floppy controller (another completely useless antic. 1.4MB? Oh pls!).
8. Basically, no encumbrance of legacy!

Expandability is redundant since the mobo already includes ALL current connectivity desires. If, and when, these become obsolete, the mobo and CPU supported is obsolete anyway! Who needs a bunch of PCI slots? That won't fix anything! The possibility of a full power PC no bigger than a Nintendo Gamecube is a lot more interesting!!!
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  1. Idiot.

    1.) A lot of high end digital cameras made as recently as a year ago use serial port connections. An adapter to USB cost ONLY about $30, so I'll let you slide on that (but I'd be damned to pay $30 to use a camera on a port that used to be free).

    2.) For some strange reason my printer works better on the printer port, but since most printers actually have USB ports now, I'll let you slide on theat.

    3.) You're kidding, right? No, you're just an idiot. OK, let me fill you in. Joysticks used to be designed ergonomically a couple years ago. Now they're designed to "look cool and have lots of buttons". I bought 3 Wingman Extreme Digitals because they were the last inexpensive joysticks to fit my hand. Motherboard designers who wish to elinate the joystick port often put a header on the board for those (like me) who still need one.
    4/5.)I like PS/2, it's more a matter of preference, so I'll let you slide on these.
    6.)Yes you are an idiot. Go buy a Compaq book-sized PC if you want a computer with no upgrade options.

    Manufacturers like Compaq and Gateway already make throw away computers. Enthusiast like upgrade options. What if you would like to have two network controllers, or an INTERNAL modem, or a SCSI card? What if you need more IDE ports? Or you want TV capabilities but don't like the what ATI has to offer? While you're at it, why not just get rid of the 1 PCI slot and the AGP slot, after all, nForce graphics are tolerable for most users? If they want another network connection, their's always those 2Mbit USB adapters, plenty of performance, right? And USB TV, after all, 320x240 is all the resolution anyone really needs, no? Oh, and I suppose I could be convinced to trade my new high speed SCSI scanner for a Firewire model as long as you anti up the $400. And why all these various memory standards, PC133 chipsets are available for all current processors! And then you can have little boxes strung all over your desk instead of a nice tidy cabinet, that would be rather practical, no?

    You know those little Macs that look like a desklamp? Go buy one and leave the performance community alone!

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  2. Ok, wise guy, lets put it this way. I have a PC in a tower case with 3 5.25 bays and 3 3.5 bays, it has 5 fans (CPU, rear casing, front casing, video card and powersupply). It is a reasonbly well made and designed example of an ATX case made by a reputable company (Antec). I have a 512MB of DDR266 CL2 memory, a Palomino CPU, an Audigy and a Radeon AIW7500 in there. Its not state of the art, but it is pretty darn decent for my needs. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT, it looks archiac next to the iMac G4. Yes, the desklamp iMac with an LCD display. It doesn't really perform any better either; believe it or not even at 800MHz the PowerPC7400 with its tremendously short 4-stage pipeline is every bit as brisk as a P4 twice that clock rate. The PC just takes up a lot of space, look ancient, look bad and is full of empty space. I only have a 80GB HDD, a DVD-R/CD-RW drive in there and two cards in there. I cannot think of anything I'll want to add. So its a big, waste of space, cabinet that also makes a lot of noise.

    I look at a Nintendo Gamecube, and I dream of a PC that is as powerful as the best money can buy, have all the modern connectivity that I use and looks like a Game Cube. Its a beautiful dream!
  3. I have a Micron mid tower case. It's packed with 4 PCI cards, an AGP card, a CDRW, a DVD player (I can copy CDs on the fly, can you?), 2 hard drives, a Zip drive, a Floppy drive (for transfering small files to older systems I service), and has not a bit of empty space. I have a SCSI drive for my superior performance, inexpensive scanner (and one drive I got cheap), while you would need to spend at least 4x as much to get a Firewire scanner with similar performance. Oh, and I can play games at super high framerates while running a web server and a file server. My PC is simply more productive and more usefull than one of those mini-macs.

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  4. you can get a computer that small, ive seen them at frys. every thing is onboard. and there is not one inch of empty space, we that know about computers call them crap.

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  5. you're not gonna win here. iMacs are over priced POS. No expandibilty or upgrade ability, no room to work around with, and the iMac looks like something you would fish out of your toilet! I like cases that are huge. It shows power! iMacs look like little fairy boys from nsync!

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  6. Did all you guys not read the front page of THP before you responded? Smaller more powerful computers WILL be the norm and they will be upgradeable. You do not NEED any connection to today’s computer except USB 2, network and your input devices. My guess is the people who like big hulking towers are try to compensate for something!
  7. Hey, guess what everyone?

    You can already buy cases, motherboards and systems to suit your needs!

    Whaddya know? You can buy small cases that you can cram with non-legacy hardware, or you can buy mid/tower cases with loads of room for dedicated multi-media facilities.

    I realise what you are saying here, the ability to service tomorrow's needs only, you can get a good compromise on hardware in a very small package. For many though, the ability to have space, expansion and <i>backwards compatability</i> is essential.

    My main machine is a work-horse. I need 1394, USB, ATA, SCSI, RAID, Dual CPU, bags of memory, tons of disk, multiple optical drives etc. For me and my requirements a large tower case is essential.

    You, it sounds like, bought an overly large case for your requirements. You could have quite easily settled for an M-ATX factor case and had somthing that looks like a CD player or better and had identical functionality. Instead you bought an ATX system, large case and few components and wonder why they all rattle around?

    Crash uses a lot of legacy stuff and like me has equipment already that he want's to support - don't shoot him for not wanting to replace already perfectly functioning kit with the latest USB2/1394 equivalent. You only line the manuf. pockets then.

    If you are starting from scratch, your idea has merit, but many of us have external SCSI drives, scanners, CDRWs and such that require SCSI - this usually means a PCI slot or a new peripheral.

    The summary of this is buy what you need, the full range of options is (now) out there.

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