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Hello, I recently put together my own system for the first and I am having trouble with my front panel USB connectors. My problem is that the diagram I have from the case does not match what the pins are labelled on my motherboard. I have an FIC AD11 motherboard and the pin assignment for the front panel USB connectors have names like (under Pin1 column) SGND1, SBD2+, SVCC1, SBD3+, GND, and (under Pin2 column) SGND1, SBD2-, SVCC1, SBD3-. However the diagram that came with the case has 4 connectors labelled +5V (red), PO-(green), PO+ (yellow), and GND (black). I would appreciate any help on which connector I am supposed to connect to which pin. Thank you.

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  1. Pin 1 goes to Pin 1. Pin 4 and 5 are both ground, so leaving pin 5 unused is not a problem. This means line pin 1 with pin 1 and leave pin 5 unused.

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