My USB WiFi NIC freezes system on XP :(

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I recently bought a WiFi USB card, a SENAO 2511UB device since than have
problems with it running on XP Pro SP1 EN with all critical hotfixes,
drivers 1.07.37, firmware

9 out of 10 times I turn on my computer the card is not recognized and
(Unknown Device in USB in Devices Manager). I have to plug it out and plug
it in again and than it is recognized or bluescreens my computer with a
BAD_POOL_CALLER blue screen of death.

I have also suffered from numerous freezes of my computer (no bluescreen, no
event log entries - only hardware reset helps), there were no such problems
before the SENAO equipment was installed on the system.

In addition to above, any attempt to copy files via local LAN connection
fails with fatal system freeze. :/

Does enyone has any clues? Maybe I should go for a self-powered USB hub? My
system is ABIT IS7-E with LAN NIC on-board, another NIC from 3COM sits in
PCI slot, so the USB device is the 3rd NIC in the system. Only my
IntelliMouse 1.0A uses USB, no other USB devices are in the system.

Sebastian K. Zaklada
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.internet.wireless (More info?)

    If you are using the manufacturers setup utility you need to disable the
    Windows Wireless Zero one.
    Alternatively uninstall the man. utility (not the driver) and let Wireless
    Zero in control.
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