Do I need Win7 Pro or Ult, or will Hm Prem do...

I have Win7 Hm Prem Ed 64bit installed now. I've run into 2 activities that indicate I may need Pro or Ult Ed instead so am thinking about using the MS Anytime Upgrade.
1) I want to use SSH (and the cert I generated on my hosting site) when connecting from MS Expression Web. Even in the certificate tool in Win7 I am unable to import and utilize it.
2) Run pngcrush, a 32 bit app.

I see that #2 could be handled by the Pro Ed, but am unsure about #1.

I want to make sure I really need the Ult Ed before buying, since with what I've already spent, it's going to cost me $260 total, whereas I could have got it at Costco for $200 originally. Bummer. So, if anyone has suggestions on how to accomplish these 2 tasks w/o an upgrade that would be most welcome.
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  1. you don't need ultimate for those, pro is fine
  2. The only real feature Ultimate has over Pro is Bitlocker file encryption. The first one I'll have to do some research on, but I know for a fact 64-bit Home Premium will run 32-bit programs just fine. I don't see either Pro or Ultimate being a requirement for number 1, but again I am not absolutely sure.
  3. Thank you for the replies. For whatever reason, pngcrush would not run on my machine. I found pngout / win (a windows implementation) which runs good though.

    Just to confirm, Pro includes certmgr, or whatever the Win7 equivalent is?
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    Home is fine unless you need to be on a corporate network, want Bitlocker encryption or plan on using Remote Desktop, even then I go Pro over Ultimate.
  5. Again, thanks for the responses, but unfortunately, I a still at a loss as to how to import an SSH cert within Win7 Home Premium.
  6. Did you check for CertMgr.msc? I'm using Pro here at work, so I can't tell you if it's included in Home Premium... but it is definately included with Pro.
  7. Hi Zoron, yes, I'd searched on certmgr and did NOT find it included in Win7 HP, but you can get to a certificate manager interface via IE's Tools/Internet Options/Content. Not sure what this is called and I was unable to import the SSH cert that way.

    However, I did find a way to run a secured connection (sftp) from MS Expression Web to my hosting site without importing the cert I'd generated on the hosting site. It involved making the connection using FileZilla, using just the hosting account id/pwd, THEN making the same connection within MS EXPREssion Web. The id/pwd gets associated correctly to a cert within FileZilla, that can then be used in the other app fairly seemlessly. MS EXpression Web just didn't have the capability of setting this up. These instructions were very helpful to me in this process You could also try going the extra step of eliminating userid/pwd logins and JUST using key based security, as explained in this link. So, bottom line is I'm good. I chose a differnet program for the png compression and found a work-around to getting a secured connection between my hosting site and myself.
  8. Well that's good to hear... I'd never used the program before, so I wasn't sure what versions of Windows have it. Now we know that if you want CertMgr, you have to have Pro or Ultimate. Glad you found another solution that worked without having to upgrade again.
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