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Why can't MB suppliers include a simple plug that lets you conect all of those idiotic front panel connections to it and then insert the other end of the plug onto the motherboard? I find this the most exasperating part of building a PC, and it hasn't changed in 20 years!
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  1. My question is how often do you look at or need to look at the lights on the front panel? Why not just an on/off switch and be done with it? I guess if you're completly deaf (I'm close) you might need the feedback.
  2. hi, i really need help with the front panel connection. It was my first time, building a computer for myself. I have the gigabyte, GA-7VRX mobo. I can't connect the power led and power switch to the front panel connection. They don't match. I have looked at the manual, but I don't understand any of what it tried to say. I know is not the power supply because I try it in my own pentium 3 mobo and it worked. but in the GA-7VRX it doesn't. any help?
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