Neverwinter Nigths 2 and X800XL

Just wondering how well will X800XL play this game since newer cards have problem running it even around 30fps.So I have to see if its worth buying it, that is if i can play it.

P4 Ht 3.0GHZ Prescot
Intel 915gro
1 gb of kingstone value ram(dual channel)
some sata drive
and ofcoarse X800XL

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  1. I played through the single player of NWN 2 on Athlon XP 2400+, 1 Gb RAM, Radeon 9700 (128Mb). The game ran quite smoothly in many areas at 1024x768 resolution, maximum graphics quality, no AA/AF, no shadows on that system.
  2. By smoothly you mean 5 fps? I doubt you could select every graphics option maxed out (especially lighting).

    I am using E6600, 2 GB RAM, EVGA 7950 GT KO SC and happy to be around 25 fps with medium settings and 2xAA. NWN2 treats all ATI cards pretty poorly if you look at the NWN2 forum vid card optimum settings.
  3. I played the game on my system at 1680X1050 with max detail on everything bar shadows.

    Specs are:
    ATi X800XT PE - (Graphics Card)
    Athlon64 3500+ - (CPU)
    2GB DDR400 - (Memory)

    I am not sure how the XL stands against the XT but you should be able to play the game with at least 1280X1024 if it’s anything like my one.

    This shows NWN2 gets 10fps with X800XT 256MB @ 1280x1024 medium settings on a QX6700 @2.66ghz.

    Also since game is also CPU-bound, a E6320 outperforms a FX-60.
  5. Well thats a load of crap I got over 10fps at 1680X1050 with everything at full bar the shadows...
  6. This is probably based on v1.0 without any patching
  7. I get very reasonable framerates @1024 x 768 with the specs in my sigiture and the settings cranked up reasonably and high aa.

    I still get reasonable framerates @ 1280x1024 but I have to turn down AA to 2x and disable most of the special efects. Shadows were off I think.

    With only twelve pipes I doubt my x800gto is going to be a star peformer, no matter how much overclocked. An XL should be better.

    Still not keen on the game itself though. It's all a bit....humdrum so far in my opinion. :wahoo:
  8. sarahblue said:
    I get very reasonable framerates @1024 x 768 with the specs in my sigiture

    Be sure to enable the showing of your signature in your profile, if you want us to check it out.
  9. well so far from reading all the posts its still 50-50 chance of being able to run it. For some reason the new pc's have more trouble running it than the old pc's? Core 2 duos being eaten alive while good ol' P4 and Amd 64(2400-3400) run it ok. This is one of the strangest games out there since you are truly gambling with the ability of being able to run it or not.
  10. Recommended Requirements

    * 3 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent processor
    * 1GB System Ram
    * ATI Radeon X800 series, NVIDIA GeForce 6800 series or higher video card
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