Need help with choosing an AMD mobo

The most important features to me are quality onboard sound, onboard lan, USB2.0.. I also want stable overclockability.. I'd like AGP 8X as well DDR400 support. What's the word on new boards coming out that will able to handle DDR400 and have AGP 8x.. it's necessary they perform well, as none of the current boards do.. so basically I'm looking for an ETA. All responses would be helpful.
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  1. I believe what your looking for are motherboards with the nForce2 chipset and MCP-T. Versions with MCP-T have better audio than versions with MCP. Sadly motherboards with the nForce2 chipset are not yet available.

    versions with MCP (Media Communication Processor)
    basic 3Com ethernet port
    basic AC '97 audio
    USB 2.0
    Dual DDR400 memory controllers
    8X AGP

    versions with MCP-T (turbo)
    Dual nVidia Ethernet ports
    Dolby digital 5.1 capable chip (same audio found in microsoft's XBox)
    IEEE 1394A Firewire
    USB 2.0
    Dual DDR400 memory controllers
    8X AGP

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  2. I personally just bought the Gigabyte 7vaxp. It's got all that, and raid. You can find the 7vax (without raid) for about $90.

    The catch is it only supports one stick of PC3200 right now. If you put a second stick in, you have to bump down below 200mhz. It might get solved with a bios update, but I sincerly don't count on it.

    Which is why I just bought 512meg of PC3200 and said to hell with it...

    P4's @ 3600Mhz ()wNz J00 4LL!!!!!!
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