motherboard not working..please help ASAP!!!

hello all..i tried to install a new 80 gb hard drive and my computer doesnt boot up now..u know when u start the machine it makes that BEEP noise and and boots up..well its making three short beeps and nothing is showing was workin before with the 10gb harddrive..any help would be greatly appreciated.. tx
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  1. What does the manual for your motherboard say about the meaning for 3 short beeps? If nothing is showing up on the monitor, than this sounds like a video card issue. Even without RAM and the harddrive, there should still be a display on the monitor. Otherwise, it sounds like your motherboard is broke.
  2. Please more details, Motherboard, HDD setup (master/slave), cables.
    BTW, my system doesn't boot up if I connect the cables in a wrong way.

    Did you clear the CMOS after HDD installation? (Normally not neccesary but sometimes it helps)

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