My Computer and WoW... lagging... why?

my specs:
3.2 GHz P4 HT
1gig ram
160x2 gig HD RAID 0
9600xt video

why am I lagging in WoW graphics wise it pisses me off when I lose an arena game because everytime i cast something it lags... any opinion on why? and which party should i upgrade to make the gaming experiences better?
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  1. Well, how much video memory does your card have and what graphics settings are you running at? Have you tried lowering the resolution to see if that helps fix the problem? I'm not suggesting that as a solution, but if it helps to lower the settings it might be time to get a newer video card. Also, check to see if any background processes are stealing resources.

  2. Well after looking at a few benchmarks I would say your GPU is a little bit on the slow side.
  3. While your computer is very similar to the last computer i ran WoW on, i would first look at a) either a low memory situation or possibly some kind of background task that can be eating resources, or b) video settings. My last rig had a 9700pro which is very comparable performance to the later 9600xt. You should be able to run at 1024 resolution with some AF and some of the higher filtering options 16x16 works ok. (or possibly higher resolution with lower eye candy).

    I will say this. WoW loves ram. I noticed the ram usage in WoW increase when i upped my computer from 1gb to 2. Now with BC installed it uses approx 600meg when loaded up on my newer system configuration.

    If you choose to upgrade your video card to a newer agp card, you will be able to pump up the graphics. On my 7800GT i have everything maxed at 1600x1200 resolution.

    I hope this helps.
  4. visit wow's tech support forum
    read the patch notes
    go to start>run>dxdiag>"save all info" and paste that dxdiag.txt file info here or on the wow forum.
    did this happen after you put a new addon in? are your addons up to date? did you adjust video/sound options before this happened? are your video drivers up to date? disable your antivirus when you play and other things such as mediaplayer/itunes if you play them in the background. do some other things to keep your pc clean. run ccleaner. run a-squared and/or spybot. run o&o disk defrag.
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