Asus A7M266 fastest chip?

Hi everyone.
Last year I bought an Asus A7M266 because I read a review here at the time that said it was the fastest single processor athlon board availble. At the time I thought I needed a fast system for video work. But it turns out I never built the second system and have had the motherboard and a 256MB chip of Crucial 266mhz SDRAM sitting around for over a year.

Well I'm sick of looking at it. Plus being that I paid $200 for it a year ago I want to build it into a second system I can use for the 3d work I'm getting into now.

I realize this is an older motherboard now and I haven't kept up on everything. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what is the fastest AMD chip I can put on this board? That is without overclocking it or messing with it in any unnatural way. I'm not experienced with that kind of stuff.

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  1. Any speed you want. With the latest BIOS it should support the T-breds.

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  2. Thanks. As I said though I'm not very experienced with this kind of stuff. Where would I get the latest bios and how would I install it?

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    You'll have to find the flash utility which is somewhere on the Asus site.

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