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I'm wondering if anyone in the Toronto area is willing to sell me the starcraft game.. cheaper than 20$ for a battlechest? I used to play it religiously in high school, and now that I'm finished university and it being the summer, I'm finding more free time on my hands.. possibly a bad thing.. anyways I saw an ad for starcraft 2, and I'm now jonesing to rekindle the game. Unfortunately my Cds are scratched to hell so I can't even reinstall the game, i had a friend help me out with a crack or torrent file, but the cd key I used to use wont work with Broodwar, and Battlenet rejects me. So this is my plight, anyone willing to sell please message me, also before you message; if you havn't used it in a while, check your CDkey before offering me because I don't want to pay for it all and find out your CDkey isn't working either.

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  1. Futureshop has it for 24.99 here. I suggest you try that out, its pretty much the same as getting it off here.
  2. yeah its looking like I might have too, just I didnt want to pay 30 bucks I was hoping more for 5 bucks, oh well
  3. Quote:
    yeah its looking like I might have too, just I didnt want to pay 30 bucks I was hoping more for 5 bucks, oh well

    Too bad you live in Canada... I've got an extra copy I could have sold ^_^
  4. Another suggestion you could take. Starcraft has pretty much no copy protection whatsoever, so its very reasonable you could get a friend to copy his sc and bw so all you need to do is get a working cd-key from somebody. That would mean the guy with his extra copy could sell you his cd-key thus negating the need for the physical disk.
  5. yeah but how much would a CD-key cost? It would almost be more cost effective to go drive to the nearest store buy the game vs. drive out to meet someone to buy a CD key off them for one or two dollars lol. I think I'll just save my gas and 30 dollars that I would spend on a battle chest and invest it until sc2 comes out.
    Thanks though
  6. No, its most cost effective to buy a cd key and have the person email it to them. Sheesh man, who drives to get information? :P
  7. Hey Yox0p. Did u end up finding a copy of the game or Key? I can help you out if you haven't. My Email addy is sdoroslovac[at]Gmail[dot]com if u want to reach me. I sometimes forget to check back with these forums.
  8. Might want to send that via PM instead of showing your email to the public. Just saying this out of curtesy, not to be pretentious or anything.
  9. I appreciate it. But I don't have 50 posts yet so I can't send PM's. oO
  10. Off to the sig test page for you then...
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