Help w/Asus A7S333 and it's not even here yet

I am going to build my first comp & I think I've already messed up. A friend told me Asus is a good M/B maker so I didn't research the A7S333 before I placed the bid on ebay. I won the auction, the beast is on it's way. I've also won an AMD 1800 w/cooler master CP5-6J11C fan & sink. I've since researched the A7S333. Hmmmm. Uhohhh. I currently have an old P/MMX 233 and just want something in the 1.5 ghz range w/ good graphics and sound for games (not online) and music as well as surfin'. I still have to get the case (400W PSU), ram, hd, grapics card. I will be using win/xp home. So with this in mind, I humbly ask these questions.

1 - Should I try to sell the A7S333 and get another M/B
If so what M/B would be good for what I want w/AMD 1800
2 - What kind of RAM should I get, am I limited to ASUS's recommendations for this board?
3 - Will the Cooler Master CP5-6J11C cpu fan be ok (too much current draw)?
4 - Any other suggestions.

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  1. 1) NO. That MB is fine.
    2) Don't know how much money you'd like to spend on this so: PC 2100 CAS 2 will be fine but thinking in a future upgrade I would buy some PC2700 CAS 2.
    3) Will be fine.
    4) HDD: Maxtor 740 DX 40 GB (7200 rpm)
    5) Enjoy

    <b>(<font color=yellow>as good as it looks</font color=yellow>)</b>
  2. CMRvet, thanks for the reply. I've researched enough to know that if I have probs to disable PnP and to set some ratio to 1:1 or 4:5. I saved all info I found to refer back to when the time comes for config. I'm more optimistic now, thanks again.
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