Gaming Keyboard and Mouse????

ok i know this might not matter what you get...but i had bad experience with wireless mouse. what do you guys recommend for a gaming keyboard and mouse (wireless please)

i play alot of CS:S so what fits best with that?
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  1. I guess nobody really cares about this thread so lets kill it. lol
  2. i got a logitech g5 gaming mouse, check it out great mouse. i also have g15 keyboard
  3. Quote:
    i got a logitech g5 gaming mouse, check it out great mouse. i also have g15 keyboard

    thanks for the recommendations...i like the keyboard...nice...luv the blue lights
  4. go with a razer tarantula and the copperhead. I have both and they are both very nice and very accurate and fast.
  5. Quote:
    i got a logitech g5 gaming mouse,

    sup susp?

    Roger, Logitech's G5 (or even the MX 518) is very tough to beat for FPS's. Being able to change the mouse sensitivity on the fly is now a luxury I cannot live without.

    Wireless mouse’s? Not so much, you just lose too much sensitivity, they are no good for competition, and there is no good time for the batteries to fail.

    Keyboards, if you are an FPS fan, the ONLY way to go is a Ergodex DX-1. Little spendy, ($120.00). but once you get it tuned in, you will NEVER go back to the archaic W,A,S,D.
  6. I use a Logitech G5 mouse, its great, though it is only shaped for the right hand.
  7. damn those are nice keyboards and mouse....that one razer keyboard looks hella nice and hella expensive..well not as much as still nice keyboards....

    one thing guys....what do you recommend using a keyboard or a joystick to play CS:S????
  8. keyboarde and mouse man and go buy the razer exact mouse pad for 35 bucks because it is 2 sided. One side is for speed and the other side is for accuracy.
  9. i never knew u could use a joystick in css haha
  10. Quote:
    i never knew u could use a joystick in css haha

    that's why i started this thread...i dont know what you can use...
  11. I'd recomend using the keyboard and mouse for shooters, if you're not used to it it can be hard at first but it is defenetly worth learning IMO.
  12. wtf! The razer does not even have adjustable speeds.

    The lights are real pretty and all, but if you want a serious gaming mouse the G5 is the only laser pointer to consider.
  13. yeah the razer does have adjustable speeds you idiot. Their drivers own. You can run the copperhead at 2000 dpi 1600 dpi 800 dpi and 400 dpi. the polling rate can be changed from 125 hz to 500 hz to 1000 hz. you can controll the scroll speed. The Sensitivity. The Double click speed. You can cahnge the y/x axis sensitivity. You can also set up to 5 profiles and you can map the 7 buttons to do w/e you want them to do.
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