Halo 2 PC on Windows xp

Halo 2 PC on Windows xp

he he he M-Coft
some one has manage to create a way to install Halo 2 on windows xp..
i brought Halo 2.. d*h*m .. it did not let me install on win vista coz my computer is overclocked
AMD Athlon Xp 2400+.. really really old 4 yeras.. machine.. a*s vista, coz vista do not give my compt Experiance index above 2.8..
Reasently M-Coft is acting like a bully.. at least they should let the installer run..jnkies.
Glory Be To The Dude (who created the Method)
you can google to find the file set and instructions.. "Halo_2_XP_Patch_NoGrp"
i.m playing halo 2 on xp (just started). of course i do not have "Eye Candy" but i can play
Athlon Xp 2400+ (2700+,147x2FSB)
512 MB DDR (147x2 MT/s)
Asus Radeon 9600SE 128 MB
Gigabyte GA-7VA Rev 1.0
yah i know i need a serious machine soon.. but no money.. coz i'm still a student in 3rd world country..
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  1. I'm surprised it runs at all on your machine. Halo 1 would have caused it to keel over.

    However, I suppose it was only a matter of time till someone patched it up.
  2. Just thinking back, I was running Halo on a GeForce 3 64MB and a 1700+ and it was playable at 1024X768 so a 9600 would have ran it fairly well, more so since he has a 2400+, mind you I did have 1GB of ram at that point.

    But anyway, running the game on vista with that system just would not have worked anyway since you have a completely insufficient amount of memory for that to happen. Move with the times, don’t blame Vista for needing more memory, as that would be just as bad as blaming WindowsXP for taking 70MB more memory than windows 98 did. As well as not running too well on a 500MHz PC…

    To close I don’t think you would have been able to run Halo2 on top of Vista that PC anyway.
  3. lol I played Halo on my 1 GHz Thunderbird with 256 SDRAM and geforce 2 mx 400 64 MB with most of the eye candy turned up and at 800*600
  4. Any non-torrent places to download the patch?
  5. Hi.......Just Installed Halo 2 for xp. Installed the xliveresdist and vcredist files that are needed to run it on xp. but once i run the game an error message pops up during the beginning of the halo 2 logo dispay which says "windows visual c++ runtime error: the program has requested to be terminated in an unusual way. PLease contact application support." I'm stumped. Any way around this? Thanks!!
  6. You'll have to download:


    Unless they are already installed, then you might want to know some important information...

    If you downloaded Dopeman's Halo 2 XP/VISTA [Rip], then you can't play the game. You have to follow a specific set of procedures to mount the Halo 2 .iso image on a disc using Daemon Tools. This is required because the "startup.exe" (the one with Master Chief logo; subscript titles "Launcher" and below that "Microsoft Corporation") in your files is faulty. It cannot find a location of your CORRECT mounted iso so it will not start.


    This will end up using almost 9 GB of your memory and most of your processing power. Make sure you have an up-to-date video and audio card for your PC, which you can search for online depending upon the manufacturer of your PC.

    To do this, make sure you download Daemon Tools and that you have a FULL torrent with all necessary executive files (.dll's and .exe's) and that you are running on a system that is at least Windows XP Service Pack 2 or above. You can check this by clicking "START", "Run...", and typing "msinfo32".

    Any questions feel free to email me at

  8. Nercro thread, meet your doom.
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