How to acitvate "SLEEP MODE"

I just had a new computer built, it has an:
Asus P5Q Pro Turbo motherboard.
Intel Quad Core Q9300 CPU.
8GB of RAM (four sticks of 2GB) Kingston- KVR800D2N5/2G.
Western Digital 640 GB hard drive.
CD/DVD ROM, two of them.
Media card reader.
nVidia 9800GT evga graphics card.
Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium sound card.
Expansion cards-- 4USB Ports, and a fax modem.
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit operating system.
I did a fresh "Clean Install" of the O.S. right after the build and now I cant get it to go into "sleep mode". What could the problem be? I have went into the control panel and went down the Device Manager list and disabled averything and anything that could wake it from sleep mode. Now what? The technician that put it together pulled out the battery and cleared the CMOS and enabled the "hibernation" mode and that actually worked. He thought if the problem was in the motherboard it most likely would not do that either. What could it be?? Hopefully somebody smart will have a solution or at least some ideas.
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  1. sleep mode
    right click on your desktop. Personalize, ScreenSaver, when it opens go to Change Power Settings in the lower box, in the next popup box there is Select a Power Plan, one of the buttons is highlighted, click on Change Plan Settings on the right, the next box has the options for sleep mode
  2. I have already tried that. It was one of the first steps...
    Thanks for your reply though.
  3. Sometimes an attached device can keep your PC from going to sleep. Usually they are external USB devices such as printers, wireless adapters, etc. You can try disconnecting all USB devices and see if your PC will go to sleep. If so, then start adding them back until it won't. Sometimes it's poorly written drivers, or the device itself is acting up.

    Hope that helps.
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