Need Help finding SDRam Mobo w/2.g XP chip support

Hi all, thx for chking my post and any/all help you might be able to lend. I've got 512 mbs of pc133 corsair ram in my old abit mobo here. I was looking to just do a small upgrade in performance by picking up a new mobo that could handle an amd xp 2.g chip. However all I keep running into are ddr boards only. I don't plan on doing the entire overhaul on the system till later next year and was just trying to prolong the life of what I've got for a little bit longer.

Can anyone recommend any boards that have at least 2 sdr dimms and supports up to a 2.g xp chip? Better yet can anyone point me to a merchant that actually still has a board like this for sale? I'd really appreciate the help as I've had no luck whatsoever in finding one. I've been wacking my brains out searching since 7am est this morning to no avail.TIA!
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  1. I'm using an old Epox EP-8KTA3PRO, KT133A, mobo. Epox claims it supports up to XP 2000+ but no higher (at least not according to the CPU compatibility chart). has <A HREF="" target="_new">refurbs of this board</A> at $59.

    One thing though, this board draws heavily from the the +5 volt rail. My 330 watt Enermax is not cutting it for maximum overclocking. When overclocking my Tbird to 1.56 ghz the 5 volt rail drops to as low as 4.53 volts. Now it was common for early Enermax power supplies to run a little low on the 5 volt rail (like 4.9 volts instead of 5 volts even with light loads) so this probably didn't help.

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