How much could i realistically sell my system for?

Hey there! I'm about to upgrade and i'm intrested what i could sell my current system for. any information on this would be very useful indeed!

Specifications are as follows:

Amd skt 939 3800+ X2 (overclocks extremely well as a sidenote :p)
DFI SLi-D mobo
2GB OCZ DDR400 (low latency)
EVGA superclocked 8800GTS 320MB
X-FI music sound card
runs on XP home.
Enermax 600W PSU

Cheers :D
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  1. i know on the 8800GTS 320mb evga they have been selling for about $200-225 if thats because of the 8800GT. thats what prices i have seen on the hardforums for the current time. if you the 8800GTS you should call evga and ask them if you can do step-up with that card to a 8800GT. if you can.
  2. I think that your computer sounds decent, just that your cpu is lacking. I might try to invest in a new cpu. That might knock it up in price, and might turn the tables on wether or not you can sell it. but I guess value would be at 700 usd
  3. Maybe $400...its all obsolete but the Video card. Even that is bested by the 8800GT.
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