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Can't figure out how to take the dog to the gym to practice agility, or to the park to practice with the disc for disc competitions. Also, in obed. competitions, we can't figure out how to get the dog to do the tricks we trained him to do. He won't come close enough to use the stylus to make him do things, or do you need to use voice commands? Any advice would be great. Thank you.
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  1. Okay, when at the obedience trials, the only way for the dog to do tricks is to us the tricks name, aka saying what the dog has to do, that is if he/she knows the trick.

    To get to the park or the gym, you must first choose Go Out on the main screen, then choose walk, and select your dog. After you chose your dog, draw the path to A BIG GREEN PLACE WITH TREES AND A POND, which is the park, or a BIG PLACE WITH A YELLOW OUTLINE, THAT HAS LINES ON THE INSIDE AND A PICTURE OF A JUMPING DOG, which is the gym.

    Hope that Helps!

  2. Ahhh, makes me want to fire this 'game' up again.
    I think my pups are gone though, I think my g/f started her own kennel....
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