WoW crashing Alot

I have been having a problem with World of Warcraft for a while now and it seems to be getting worse.

Everytime I use a Griffin I get an error about lack of system resources and the game crashes. Recently its gotten worse and will happen at random times while just running around. The crash is bad enough that it forces my computer to reboot and Windows comes back saying it recoved from a serious error. Sometimes I can tell its coming and can close the game before it crashes because the other players will turn black. Their armor and character no longer displays and looks like a black void.

I put this on the Tech support forums on the WoW website but got no response from Blizzard.

Please note this only occurs in WoW, I can run Doom3 and Oblivion with no issues at all. I have all the current drivers for all my hardware including the latest bios. And nothing is OC'd

System Spec:

P4 3.2ghz w/HT Socket 775 (runs at 32c idle)
Asus P5v800-MX mobo
ATI X1650Pro 512mb AGP8x
1gb PC2700
1 - WD 320gb HD
1 - WD 80GB HD
2 - DVD Burners
550W PSU
Windows XP Home
Pc-cillin Internet Security 2007 AV/Firewall

Anyone have any advise on this, it sounds like the video card but its only 6 months old and runs obilvion and Doom3 without any issues.

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  1. I actually replaced the power suppy about a month ago, the old one started putting out a sulfurous smell and so I replaced it before any damage might have been done (checked the MB and other parts for signs of power spikes, i.e. scortch marks, domed or leaking caps. Nothing found)

    Its an Antec 550W I got from Circuit City (was in a hurry and was the best deal in my area) (Best buy sucks)

    I ran the repair when I had the old PSU so I will try again.

    Interesting about the quantity of RAM tho, I know 512 is a recommended minium for Win XP, but never thought WoW would take much. Thought I was pretty safe at 1gb. I will look into upgrading again, not alot of good deals for PC3200 DDR (400mhz) 2gb kits.(If I'm gonna upgrade may as well upgrade the Ram speed too). I've been thinking about it, but waiting for the right deal, its an aging computer and don't want to spend alot of money on it.

  2. I do intend to do a complete new build but that will proably be after tax season (Feb/March, Expecting a good refund). For now I will look into getting more RAM and see if that helps. The hardware I have now really is a an end for upgrading and I feel I'd be better off with a new overall build.

    The coming price drops and assumed future drops will help alot in getting a better processor for my money. I'm looking at a budget of about $1200 for the build (really hoping ATI can get its act together by then, I prefer them but if Nvidia is better at the time I will go for the best bang for my buck like most people).

    As for now, it really sucks having the computer crash on every flight take. Know of any great deals on a 2gb DDR 400mhz kit? (not DDR2, mobo can't handle that)

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