Lost Planet : Extreme Condition

Hey Guys !
I just wanna know ,
If anyone has finally got his copy of LP ?!
(LP: Lost Planet not Linkin Park :D )
It was released yesterday ..
Cuz I think that this game is gonna ROCK !

Check this out :
>>For Xbox 360 Version

During the month of January 2007, Lost Planet was the top selling game in North America, with 329,000 copies sold

And as a fact ,
I think that PC version
will rip Xbox 360's into half !
Specially the DX10 edition ;)

>>Check those images and get shocked :D

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  1. I played the demo, it was nice, but the extreme mouselagg was extremely anoying.

    Does anyone else has that problem?

    Hopefully it's solved in the full version, in that case im gonna buy it :)
  2. Do you want to know why it was the best selling game in January 2007? Well I don’t care if you do or not, I am going to tell you anyway. It was the best selling game because it was the first good game after Gears Of War came out and it was the projected last best seller to come out for the 360 for some months in to the future. And it was true, look at the state of the Xbox360 games market since lost planet came out… has there been anything really worth merit released since then?

    Oh and don’t think I hated the game because I enjoyed it enough to complete it, but the game was not so good online and the bad controls did not win me over for a second play of the game. Now my Xbox is currently sent away to Microsoft because it broke as has many other 360 consoles so I could not play it again even if I wanted to. Just as well as I would hate it to break if there was something worth playing released.
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