HD output on a philips Plasma with an E-Box

I've got a philips 42" Plasma TV with an E-Box. It should be able to output HD 1080p but i cant seem to be able to get it to work. I've got a PS3 with a component connection, It doesnt seem to want to give me anything but SD or 480i, which needless to say is really annoying, i'm pretty much on the verge of tears here! Any advice would really be apreciated. also it does have a DVI-D connection at the back (of the TV, not the E-box) which i tried to use with the HDMI connector on the PS3 but couldnt get it to work. according to the TV manual using an E-box deactivates all the back interfaces,which is disheartening.
anyway, the TV is from around 2003, not too sure on the E-box, but anyway i'll ^date with the TV and E-box's model information after some sleep.
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  1. what philips plasma model do you have i am not aware of any that can take a 1080p signal -Specially from 2003 and i dont think any of there e-boxes can take 1080p, i am pretty sure its only 1080i. (regardless 1080 over component will never work)
    Did you enable the hdmi on the ps3 when using the hdmi-dvi cable (if ou have not you must do it before trying to use the hdmi cable, The other way around to when you want to go back to component disable the hdmi before unplugging it). You could try disconnecting the e-box just to see if it works, although you wont have sound.

    Regardless of all that with component you should be getting 1080i , did you change the display setting on the PS3 for 1080i?

    What Firmware is your ps3 at?
  2. The TV is a philips 42FD9954/69S, which your right does not support 1080p, only 1080i. I enabled the hdmi on the PS3 and connected it up but then i dont know what to do next, i mean, on the remote there's no selection for digital input. I took out the standard connection and held the on button [on the PS3] for 5 secs to reset it, but no signal. I checked the display config. on the PS3, used the test display to check for 720 and 1080 (and for kicks 480p) but they just give me a blank screen.
    The firmware is the newest at 1.81.
  3. How does the ebox hook up to the tv , Through a single hdmi ? If you hook up something on component on the ebox does it go through hdmi?

    Just thinking because not sure if you hook up hdmi to the ebox then component to the tv if that will work right.

    If enable hdmi and set it to 1080i you should see something. You should be able to select from the ebox what input you use.

    Have you tried to unhook everything from your tv, reset the ps3 to default hook up component directly to the tv, then running the ps3 test resolutions?
  4. The E-box is hooked up with a VGA connection I think, atleast i dont think that it provides a digital signal to the TV. The E-box does not have any digital input asfar as i can tell only anologue. I cant really unconnect the E-box because I dont have the remote that came with the TV, it was never supplied. The TV is slave'ed to the E-box, so they never bothered including it.
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