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I just got a Kt333 dragon ultra platinum and I set it up with PC2700 256 1stick ram from crucial.
- xp 1900 amd
- IBM deskstar 120GXP 40gig hd
- geforce 3 AGP graphics card

the first time after I put everything together I push power it gave me a long beep and then it shut off. I checked the soyo website and cleared the cmos and checked to see if everything was plugged in¡K still nothing.

this has the award pci bios... it award website says it might be of the ram being bad.. or cpu.. but.. i dontknow. i am ordering another stick of ram to find out.

thanks .
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  1. In my version of Award, a single long beep means no CPU installed. when you do have a CPU, it usually means you made an error installing it so that it is not connected properly.

    double check the CPU, and if you cannot find a mistake in its installation, consider taking the machine to a professional...

  2. bad cpu? hmm. i will try it out thanks..
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