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The Hewlett-Packard 8766C Pavilion computer has been advertised and marketed as a 900 mhz PIII machine. As far as I can tell, the 900 PIII was never manufactured by Intel.
Benchmarks on this system routinely show 866 mhz speeds. HP has been contacted, and I am waiting on a resolution to this at this time. BIOS shows 900 mhz, but I believe that it was tweaked somehow to show this. If you have this machine, Call HP!!!!
Update...Got in touch with HP today, they acknowledge that the microprocessor is incorrect and are replacing the machine with a comparable product. So far, so good!

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  1. It's possible, OEM manufacturers can offer some Intel processors that are not avalaible for retail. I had the same problem benchmarking cpu's with simple utilities like Windows NT Diagnosis and wrong speed report at high speeds. If your Bios says it's a 900Mhz, it's a 900Mhz. I dont think that a large enterprise like HP will take the risk to do such a thing. But a mistake is always possible.

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  2. I would understand that, but Intel states that they have not produced a 900mhz PIII. That is OEM as well as retail. At this time HP is exchanging the machine for an Athlon system.
  3. there is a PIII 900 100mhz FSB.

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  4. Could be a clocked 866, wouldent be the first time
  5. According to HP's website it is infact have a P3 at 900Mhz in a FC-PGA format with 100fsb. Stranger things have happend!

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  6. Just read an article that Intel will stop taking orders for the 900 p3 in march so that means that there had to of been one made. This also means that your chip really is a 900, if it really matters to ya!

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