Tomsfolk are smart about tech, how about homeowner issues!?

Ok, this is possibly slightly off topic, but I need some help.

The house I bought this winter has a walkout basement. Well, springs coming, and there is obvious remains from flooding, near the door. Anyone laid drain tile before? I know it's not too difficult, but will that work to remove the water away from the door area and get it out into the yard?

Should I use a ditchwitch? I need to go about 100 yards, and I need to do it ASAP, because I just spent ~4k on finishing this basement, and I'll be agitated if it floods.
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  1. Proper grading and some type of simple drain will work.
    A ditchwitch makes things alot easier but if i hired or rented one i would look into the entire weeping tile at the foundation wall and also where my downspouts are being directed from the roof.
    I had a similar problem with the last house i owned.
    It had to be addressed since my basement didn't have a sump-pump either.
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