Installing Snow Leopard with 2 dvds

I need to burn Snow Leopard on 2 dvds because I cant seem to find someone that sells dvd-9s anywhere. Would installing it this way work? Would it be like windows where when it cant find a file it prompts you for it?
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  1. If you have a genuine Snow Leopard DVD why do you need to burn DVDs to install it from. What's wrong with the one you have? Or are you asking about pirated software?
  2. A client lost his and I need one to fix his iMac.

    If pirated software discussion is a no go then close this. It seemed alright to post since I searched around for people asking about burning windows OS and no one seemed to object.
  3. Snow Leopard costs $25! Just buy it.

    AFAIK it is against forum rules to ask for assistance with pirated software.
  4. Yes, just buy it. Also, unlike Windows, OSX won't ask you where a file it needs is. I've never spanned OSX across DVDs. I don't think it's an easy, if possible, thing to do. The cost of Snow Leopard is the true, cheaper way to go.
  5. I note that the OP says "A client lost his and I need one to fix his iMac." In other words, this is not just casual copyright infringement but something that is being done for profit (I assume that he charges his client for work done). I don't know about the US, but in the UK that would constitute a criminal offence.

    I wouldn't let someone like that within a hundred miles of my PC or Mac. If I pay for a repair job to be done I expect it to be done with legit materials, not knock-offs.

    And all for the sake of saving $25.
  6. I agree. I'm a PC and Apple technician. We prefer to use the client's discs for repairs, but always have a copy of the operating system in case they don't.
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