How to use internal hdd for file history

I'd really like to take advantage of the file history now easily accessible in W8. However it won't let me use a separate partition on the same HDD, but only an external drive. Since I don't like to lug an external drive wherever and I can't see the use of having one permanently hanging off my USB port, how can I make it use my internal (separate partition) drive?

I tried using EASEUS to change the disk labels but I don't know how to. Any help would be so much appreciated.
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    Yet another of MS's "one step forward, one step back" innovations in Win8. File History has some nice advantages over the Previous Versions feature that existed before, but then there's silly requirements like this, which unlike Previous Versions means that the feature is off by default because not everyone has an external drive or network location to use.

    There is a workaround:
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  3. The link I followed had a reasonable solution. Thanks for your help; I will use that method.
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