asus p4s8x vs p4s533

i've been doing alot of reading on this site triing to get ideas for a p4 mobo. it seems as though the asus p4s8x & p4s533 are the ones most recommended for a solid reliable machine. the p4s8x is $146 at newegg and the p4s533 is $111. i don't initially plan to overclock but i might eventually give it a try.

my question is what do you think is the better board? or should i wait for the new sis chipset due in october?

i plan on putting a 2.4 proccessor, 512mb ddr333 ram, sb audigy x-gamer, wd 100gb 7200rpm hard drive, pioneer 16x dvd, tdk cd-rw, video card is still up in the air (probably end up w/an ati 8500), os will be windows 2000 pro, antec case w/400w power supply.

thanks in advance.
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  1. i would say...go with the P4S533...mainly because it has proven to be a reliable board...
    the P4S8X on the other <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A>
    im a little bit dissapointed at asus for this...
    anyways...the reason i would get the P4S8X (if i decided to get it that is) is because its newer...and probably has a better memory controller...

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  2. I'd go with the P4S8X. I'm using it right now and it's ultra stable. I almost have the exact same setup as you except for the optical drives and the video card. In the beginning, I did have one problem, but I later found out that it was due to bad RAM. The P4S8X also has many features that make it future-proof if you need them. The only thing that I think all Asus boards are bad at is overclocking.

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  3. wow you one lucky mofo enigma, p4s8x seems to give a lot of ppl trouble.
  4. I have p4s8x - no problem so far. Did overclocking from 2.4@533 to 2.610@580 - runs pretty stable too.
  5. Hi P4S8X here !

    PIV 2.4GHz @ 2.808GHz (Air cooling)
    Vcore (1.6)
    FSB 156
    Memory 156 (2,2,2,6) - Corsair XMS 3000

    stable as can be :o) Although I advice that if you choose this board you either have a cool case with a side panel fan or you invest in a better chipset cooler as I personally believe that this running too hot is the root of alot of issues. Also I don't believe that currently it runs DDR 400 too well if at all (I know it is unsupported but people always try)


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  6. Ditto for me too! I put together my P4S8X system Sunday night and I haven't had any problems yet either. Mind you, I haven't had time to really beat on the system yet and I am running with the rather conservative default BIOS settings.

    My system:
    P4 2.4GHz
    256MB PC2700 CAS2
    80GB HD
    GeForce4 440MX

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