RAM misread on Soyo 6VBA133

I have a Soyo 6VBA133 mobo running a P3-700 @ 980. I put my 256MB PC133 DIMM in DIM1 and it only reads as 128MB. I have tried doing this at the stock 700MHz FSB as well. I know this DIMM is ok as it was on my other PC. The Soyo manual claims this board accepts up to 512MB DIMMs. The diagram of DIMM slot order is a little confusing, but I would think you put RAM in DIM1. Any ideas? Here is the mobo link: http://www.soyousa.com/dl/manuals/686/m6vba133b10.pdf

P3-980MHz slot1
Soyo 6VBA133
256MB PC133 RAM?
Radeon AIW 8500DV

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  1. yes that would be right, however there could be a problem with the dim slot. try moving the stick around.
    if nothing works, then you have to consider the possibility that the ram is half dead or for some reason just isnt compatible with your board.

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