Selling eMachines T1840 in good condition

i have this computer laying down since october and i dont use it anymore and i sill have windows xp home or xp professional and these are the specs of the pc

FX5500 128MB memory
40GB hard drive
640 of memory Ram
DVD reader
CD-R/W burner
Intel Celeron @ 1.80GHz
Exhaust fan
350 PSU(i think it's 350)
wireless keyboard/mouse
CRT 17" eMachines monitor (max res 1280x1024 i think)
and whatever software you want on it for only $325 without shipping(or $300)
and if you want a Linksys PCI wireless card then i can give you that card for the same price of the machine and if you dont want to CRT then the price would be $230
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  1. as you can see i really need the money
  2. thanks guys i really appriceate it
  3. if you are not interested then just tell me if it's a good deal or not
  4. Honestly, with the prices of a cheap PC at big box stores, you are asking a bit much. You can pick up a basic Vista machine for about $200-250, especially around xmas. I would say you could maybe get 100-150 for the whole package... maybe.

    I would try craigslist and see if you can find someone locally that can pick it up. The shipping on a PC and a monitor would be like $100 atleast via UPS or fedex.
  5. Hello,
    Do you still have that computer? I am looking for a set of restore disc's that came with it. I met this older lady at best buy and she told me how her computer has been acting up. After all that she described, I recommended her to restore it to factory condition but her restore discs are scratched up to bad for the comp to read. If you do have the 2 discs that came with that computer, is there anyway to burn a copy of those so I can get her computer running again. I called E-Machines/Gateway but they do not make them for that model any longer. She is 74 years old and lives alone and all she has is her computer. She cannot afford a new one and best buy told her it would be $300 to fix it. She is still trying to learn XP and she doen't want to start over with Vista. I felt sorry for her and tried to help her. So. My question to you is, can you burn a copy of those CD's so I can restore her computer back to factory condition. Sorry this was so long, I didn't mean it to be this long. Thanks for your time.
  6. strange story from a stranger to this forum...just a stalker ^^
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  8. $300... $350 are both unrealistic for that system.

    I honestly think you're going to be hard pressed to get more then $100 for that system. I've bought dozens of newer dell systems off ebay for between 90-250 with much better specs.

    i have the case for my old emachine in my trunk lol... the mobo w\ an amd 3200+ and onboard ati is at my parents house. That computer served me well for a long time but with the price of new components now.. older stuff is basically throw-away.

    @F14 - you could get an xp oem disk for cheap off craigslist or ebay and just do a complete reinstall, backup any of the files.
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