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I have been experimenting with the FRAPS software on my pc and get very slow recording rates. My FPS slows way down and I have it set to record 1/2 of the original size. FPS downs to about 25 no matter what and game play is noticeably sluggish. The FRAPS help has not helped.

qx6700 @2.66 (stock)
8800 gtx sli
1066 speed ram (5 5 5 15) - linked

My resolution is set to 2500X1600 and that may be it. I would think the quad could handle it, that's all. Tried it with BF2, Medieval 2 Total War and they both act the same.

Any thoughts?


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  1. The reason it's s;owing down is probably because of your hard drive. If you have more than one drive make sure you save the video file onto the drive that doesn't have the game your playing on it.
  2. Jumpmaster,

    Thanks for the reply! I did have the images/movies recording to another drive.

    I notched the resolution down to the fraps max and it worked much better.

    Thanks again,

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