WTB P965 s775 Motherboard $60 or less

I'm looking for a p965 motherboard for a e6700. I'm wanting to make sure it's 800mhz DDR2 compatible. I'm buying this for my son's Christmas present and would like to buy within the next 2 weeks. PM me or leave a reply here if you have something that can work.
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  1. Hey i have a Gigabyte P965 S3 Mobo im willing to sell not for $60 make it $80 and ill pay shipping. Where do you live? i live in California, Elk Grove.
  2. I bought a MSI platinum p965 mobo. I got it for $45 on ebay and have initially booted up on it. Hopefully there won't be any issues after getting everything setup properly :) Thanks for the offer though. Didn't have $80 to spend, so that was a majority of my problem. I like your mobo, but it was just too expensive for what I have this year :(
  3. NP interested in anything else? i have HDDs and lots of other Comp hardware
  4. Well right now I think I have everything I need, but there is always something that comes up. Do you have a list of things?
  5. The mother board listed above,

    RoseWill 430W PSU(with one PCI-E Rail)
    2GB DDR 400 and 2GB DDR2 800mhz
    7900GT XFX XXX and ATI X800XL
    1 WD 238GB
    1 WD 150GB
  6. Thank you for your time. Currently I'm good with what I have, but will look you up later, if I need one of your items :)
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