Just ordered a 360... now what games to get?

I just ordered my 360 off of newegg and a 2nd controller and a few other things now I was just wondering what games I should get. Gears of War is an obvious buy which I will be making the day I receive it but I have already beaten it before but I just bought it basically for the multiplayer. Of course I'll need other games to play until atleast halo 3....let the suggestion wars begin!
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  1. The Gears of War multiplayer gets very boring very quickly, might be good for a second play on the hardest skill setting though. I would however strongly recommend getting a game called Rainbow Six: Vegas. As it is a very good game online with features such as a skill/points system that lets you gradually get new equipment over time, it also has a much better team based play style than Gears of War has.

    Oblivion is also a good game if you want a RPG with a mix of FPS elements, its not as good as Deus Ex was but it is a good game to loose your self in for a bit. It does get boring after about 20 hours of play though, but then it will be going cheap now so it should be worth the money.

    Lost Planet is a good fast paced action game with MechWarrior elements twisted in for some very nice action. The online play is fairly good but lacks that little something that makes it a game you will play online for days on end.

    Cant think of anymore really.
  2. yeah I have played all of those on the pc except for gears obviously and well they all suck lol.
  3. Yup welcome to the world of 360 gaming, they don’t have the best of games do they... Should have got your self a PS3, there are a lot more things to look forward to with that consol. Oh and I don’t know what Rainbow Six: Vegas is like on the PC when multiplayer is concerned but the 360 version is rather good so you might want to rent it or something.

    Also Gears of War as I said above is not very good online so if you did not like Vegas and it is the same on the PC online as it is on the 360 then you wont like Gears of War.
  4. If you haven't played BurnOut I would suggest that game. It is Okay online, but I love the game to death. (Te new one doesn't come out until first if the year). Also Ghost Recon Advance War Fighter 2 is pretty good (I haven't played that online). It doesn't have a lot of replay value. I have gone through it twice and even though it was fun (and kind of short) I don't have much value to play it again. I have a supscription to Gamefly so I rent most of the games that come out. I have had it sense I got my Xbox 360 you should look into it.
  5. I agree with Tubaloth on Gamefly, and if you like it you can buy it for cheap. I think I will restart my plan when I get my 360.
  6. I dunno...I am not a gamer, but I really dig Guitar Hero II. So far, it's about the only game I've played more than a couple of times.
  7. i would recommend these games:

    Rainbow six vegas
    call of duty 4
    Ghost recon advanced warfighter 2
    gears of war
    battlestations midway

    all classics i love them :D
  8. Two words:

    Dead. Rising.

    Gears of War gets all the attention, but Dead Rising has been the best 360 game thus far. And Viva Pinata is awesome, too. Sure, it's a kids game about building gardens with pinata animals, but that doesn't change the fact that it's extremely fun.
  9. Crackdown is quite fun, but looses its edge after completion, though Co-op mode helps it out. Oblivion takes some time to get through, while being a solid experience. Gears is a great game, and playing Co-Op through on Insane is quite fun, however personally I did not care much for the rest of the MP. Forza 2 is a great sim-racer, and is great online and off (though too many people online are just racing Nissan Speedway for $$$).

    Also with Condemned 2 coming out you might want to rent the first one, it's short (about 6-10 hours tops) but it's very good. Definitely D/L the Stranglehold Demo. I was skeptical about it at first, but after tackling the demo I was very impressed. It really does capture the feel of being in a John Woo action flick. Plus in the next couple weeks Blue Dragon is coming out as well as Bio-Shock, Stranglehold, Eternal Sonata, PGR4 and of course... Halo 3.
  10. Romstar said:
    yeah I have played all of those on the pc except for gears obviously and well they all suck lol.

    Oblivion and Lost Planet suck??? Especially Lost Planet?? I know im a mech-freak (Thats why I like gundam series so much), but still, the port was horrible, but Lost planet on PC was amazing. You shouldn't have gone with the 360 like someone else said or the PS3 for that matter, but what done it's done. Maybe Mass Effect coming out soon could be fun...

    Also, GRAW2 is a piece of crap on the 360, way too easy, if you're going to play GRAW2, do it on the PC, where it counts.
  11. Dead rising… Common how many times can you swing a Samaria sword at zombies and still find it fun? The story kind of made me want to keep on playing but the tediousness didn’t. Also the save system is the worst on the face of this planet… It needed more to make it exciting. I guess it was a case where I was expecting resident evil quality and was just given Time Crisis quality.
  12. Dead rising is amazing what are you talking about, how can you ever get bored of killing zombies in so many different ways? Graw2 is good, Crackdown is short but OK, Project Gotham Racing 3 is good, Tony Hawk's Project 8 is good, Fight Night Round 3 is a laugh good and v.g with friends and also Call of Duty 3 is worth playing but not as good as Call of Duty 2 on PC. Apparently Table Tennis is good but I wouldn't know.
  13. Some people are more easily pleased :sarcastic:
  14. I have bought quite a few games for the 360 and so far only managed to play Forza 2, Oblivion, Test drive unlimited and Saints Row and GRAW1 (not 2, 1 is apparently better) for longer than 3 times. Maybe lego star wars 2 which is was fun to play with especially if you have girlfriend.

    I also have dead rising which I paid almost a $100 for and in all honesty I think value for money it really really sux. I cant even call the game OK. There were much better zombie games in the past. You cant save and you have to redo these really long and boring scenes, and some times you have no idea what the hell to do, just running through hordes of zombies. The game is also very dull and the graphics are from the past. I think I will revisit this game in the future, but buying it again if I never had it. No way.

    I also have table tennis which was good as a game but it got boring quite quickly even though Im quite a good player in real life and appreciate the amazing implementation of the game on the 360.

    Burnout revenge I played 2 times. Once trying to figure out what did I pay 80$ for and another time with many friends but it got boring because the game is very shallow.

    Gears of War was fun, great graphics but very short by my standards. Compared to oblivion or Forza 2 its not good value for money. I finished it in like 3 days playing casually in co-op with my brother. Still this game was bordering not worth it (in hindsight) because it was too short (for me) and the story was very unexplained, with no introduction just hey aliens on earth shoot shoot, too much red meat? Yes yes shoot. Cool FPS mechanics though.
  15. cafuddled said:
    Some people are more easily pleased :sarcastic:

    What like you MUM! :ouch: :lol:
  16. Well here we go guys: "The List"

    Gears of War (I dont care what the dude above says the multi is absoutley amazing)
    Rainbow Six Vegas is just as amazing.
    Dead Rising is always fun because killing zombies just does not get old.
    Forza 2 is the best Racing Sim to date and will not be bested by GT5. (You heard it here first)
    Bioshock will be out next week and will be a great single player game.
    NCAA Football and Madden 08 are good for sports fans (I personally go for college myself so I can play as my school)
    GRAW both 1 and 2 are good, but as stated above are better on PC...still no slouch though!
    Call of Duty 2 and 3 are both good, but 2 seems to be more popular and for good reason...
    And always the ability to play a scaled resolution with AA Halo 2 is nice as well.
    There are more, but I stuck to mostly games that I own or have played, but my friends have others that they are screaming for me to put on the list and I just dont have the time...oh yea and guitar hero is terrible just like all of those musical games...just thought I would let ya know!
    Im not even going to take the time to go through all of the redun classics that are available on the arcade.

    Oh...and for the person who made the ps3 comment! I have a ps3 and I enjoy resistance...and that is it...NOTHING ELSE! So dont try to make the argument that the ps3 has a better library or that it even has more better games rolling out because the 360 by far has more since it has a MUCH bigger exclusive, more exclusives (or atleast games that are PC and 360 both and not on the ps3) while the ps3 has Killzone 2, which I cant wait for and metal gear, which possibly may find its way to 360. Though I am really impressed with sony's ability to manage a time exclusive title in Haze...woohoo for them! rofl...sony cracks me up, while at the same time seems to kick me while im down!


  17. I would say oblivion and bioshock with GoW, it might get a little dull with the fps' games so oblivion will provide a fun rpg experience
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