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I'm soon to re-enter the computer gaming world, having been limited to a crappy PC for the last few years, and I'm now thinking about which games I want first. I'm definately getting both KOTOR games and NWN 1 with all the bells and whistles (only played the vanilla version). Also probably gonna get Guild Wars and Oblivian and NWN2.
But anyway, this thread is only partially related to that. It's mostly for fun, to ask which games people think have the best systems for character development and combat. I basically mean the rules of the game, as separated from the plot, atmosphere and graphics. Plot and atmosphere are very important of course, but for me the character development has always been the most important component, and separates the bad from the good from the great.
So, what are people's thoughts? I'm thinking of more recent games mostly, but if you have some older ones that you think are particularly worth mentioning go ahead. And of course, please give a few reasons or a brief explanation along with your opinions.
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  1. I really like the character development and leveling systems of Morrowind and Oblivion it advances your skills as you use them, meaning that the more enamies you beatup with a sword the better you get a useing swords, the same for all other skills in the game, lockpicking, armor repair magic, etc. I like this system because it makes sense and because it helps to reduce the kill 1000 monsters to levelup style of some other games.

    the combat in Oblivion is really good and fun, the combat in Morrowind is clearly not the games strongest point as it is comleatly hack and slash and hits seem to be determined by a dice roll more then your aim, but over all both are incredible games, that have a tendancy to steal entire months of your life before you realize it. :D
  2. Two-worlds is a oblivion killer , graphics much better, gameplay much better and storyline is also better.

    Got bored fast on oblivion not enough action were two-worlds you can fight multiple mobs at once and ride and attack on horseback.
  3. Stuff these new "RPG"'s of the current gen RPG's....once you have played Baldurs Gate 2 or Planescape tourment, you really, and sadly can't appreciate most RPG's that are released today.

    I would reccomend Baldurs Gate 2 though, because with that you can atleast run it in High res, and the 2d graphics are awesomely detailed.
  4. If anyone were to ask me "What is the single best video game ever made?" my answer would be Baldur's Gate 2. But there are only so many times you can play it...
  5. I approve techguy911 about Two-World and I also suggest Gothic 3, TITAN QUEST and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic(not RPG).
  6. You might want to check out Arcanum. True it's quite old but the charactor development choices there are unique.
  7. I am one of those people that think Final Fantasy 7 was one of the all time best RPG’s not only for the story but also for the character development. You could do some wonderful things with the materia system, from making the ultimate fighter who can kill an enemy in a single blow to making a powerfull mage that can mortally wound multiple enemies in your path with a single spell.

    I did not like Oblivions development as it could be cheated quite easily, I must have summoned demons and killed them with a fireball about twenty thousand times by now. And running my assassin up and down those stairs jumping like a demented bunny to get my athletics statistic levelled up… I don’t even want to think how many times I pressed the jump key… :pfff:
  8. I personaly say that the best rpg ive played was Oblivion and i still play it today if you guys also want to expeireence Oblivion without buying anything i sujest you take a look at this website has mod downloads to make oblivions demands very less and it can make oblivion run on an old comp with also good graphics in the game check it out today it will also give you sum other tips to =) to make the game run faster on your comp i personaly bought all of the sys requirements of oblivion because i never knew about the website so dont waste your money on new equipment like i did go to enjoy!
  9. Cafuddled i know Oblivion has its flaws but from my expeireance it was perfect awesome gameing o you had an assasin lol my mains a assasin woodelf hes a vampire too lol for the acrobatics thing there just trying to make it realistic a little ummm guys wut would u guys rate the char creation system? i give it 10/10 =) plus the 3rd person thing was awesome so was the 1st person
  10. i tryed dark messaih it to me was a bootlag version of oblivion no offense it was good in all but the story line is VERY chessy the only thing i liked is the battle system the weapons sucked tho battle sytem was unique but oblivion if you config your battle system you can do that also i give dark messaih 6/10 that only cus i enjoyed the battle system
  11. "I am one of those people that think Final Fantasy 7 was one of the all time best RPG’s..."

    You got this one right cafuddled. I still have my own copy for ps2 and the pc version. I think I'll fire it up again to play it all over.
  12. I don't like any of the FF games except FF7, that, chrono trigger (and chrono cross) and phatasy star IV are my favorite rpgs, after that, diablo1/2 and oblivion. Damn, brings back memories...

    Anyways, jurosem, it looks like you got the right ideas, I played some of those and are all great.
  13. I love Guild Wars and Can't wait for Guild Wars 2 in 2008!
  14. Eve Online, by far :sol:
  15. The witcher looks cool, I'm definately waiting on that :)
    Never played any of the FF games, but I've long had a mild curiosity. Maybe I'll buy one or two some time soon.
  16. I will list them all lol:
    For PC:
    Fallout 1+2
    Baldur's Gate 1+2
    Icewind Dale 1+2
    Planescape Torment (playing this only found this recently, darn good story and unique, somewhat fallout alike)
    Neverwinter Nights 1 (the 2nd one is not good compare to the first and the others in this list IMO)
    KOTOR 1+2

    For console:
    FF7+9 (don't like 8+10, haven't played 12 but intend to as the reason below, you can play any older FFs on GBA)
    Vagrant Story (best RPG IMO, in both story and combat system, same crew that make FF12, it's a PS1 game though)
    Chrono Trigger and Cross. (both are good the first has Dragon Ball's author as character designer)
    Parasite EVE 1+2 (the 2nd is a little disappointing but I can't resist AYA :D)

    Final words, I don't play any FPS RPGs so you won't find them in my list (well truthfully I don't like that kind of games also my current computer can't handle oblivion) and Vagrant is the top for me if I have to pick one from that list. For PC games alone it's a little hard all of them are good and most of them are D&D so they're similar, I can't be sure if it's Torment or Fallout being best.
  17. Planescape, that's a game I've heard only good things about but never tried. I'll add that to my list of pending titles, thanks :)
    I don't like FPS RPGs myself, at least not the old breed. People would rave about Betrayal at Krondor and some of the Might and Magic series, and I would give them a go and think "this shouldn't count as an RPG" ;)
    I'm not on a console, and I've played the Fallout and Baldur's Gate games to death. KOTOR and NWN will be coming soon...
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