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WoW - Class Choice

Last response: in Video Games

Which WoW class do you prefer?

Total: 16 votes (3 blank votes)

  • I prefer the Warrior class
  • 24 %
  • I prefer the Hunter class
  • 8 %
  • I prefer the Paladin class
  • 0 %
  • I prefer the Druid class
  • 16 %
  • I prefer the Shaman class
  • 0 %
  • I prefer the Warlock class
  • 24 %
  • I prefer the Mage class
  • 8 %
  • I prefer the Priest class
  • 24 %
  • I prefer the Rogue class
  • 0 %
July 5, 2007 6:03:36 AM

I've only been "adventuring" for a month in the WoW universe, and thus far it's been very enjoyable. I particularly enjoy the Hunter class but I'm wondering if it's overpowered. Does anyone else think so? What about the other classes, are any of them overpowered, do you think?

I'm just interested to note what people's preference are from a class perspective. Also, if you like, let me know what "talent" tree you've utilised with your class and why.

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July 5, 2007 2:17:59 PM

huntard! j/k

I have a 32 tauren druid, and a 29 draenei mage, also started the game a month ago.

I chose druid, I love it (my cousin has a night elf druid, but says he doesnt like it that much, no warstomp). Druids have it all, I went feral with mine, it's fun. But it's really annoying when people constantly ask you to join their group for healing, healing has got to be one of the worst things in wow, it's so boring, in guild wars, it was alot of fun (most of the time), probably due to the long cast times.

I'm starting to like mage, really for the teleport spells (teleport to major cities at 20, 30 for darnassus) and open portals to those cities at 40, which seems pretty cool.

But the one thing I hate about the mage class, when you run out of mana, and you haft to sit there and drink for 20-30 seconds, that sucks.

When i'm playing WoW, I can't get over the feeling that i'm playing a singleplayer game, so I started pvp'ing in the battlegrounds.. yay for twinkers, guild wars has the better pvp imo, although it's gotten stale for me.
July 6, 2007 12:45:31 PM

huntard! j/k

Ah. I've not heard that term before. :lol: 


When i'm playing WoW, I can't get over the feeling that i'm playing a singleplayer game,

To be honest, I think it achieves this very well. One thing I would have liked to have seen in the game is a "questing post". That is: a post (like the mailbox or auctioneer) in each town where players could easily join up into crews to adventure and quest.

I've found the "O" quick button for grouping to be problematic; I've not found it easy to use, is what I'm saying. Which is an absolute rarity in that game as almost everything else is very simple and intuitive to use.

What server do you play on? I'm in Oceania in Dath Remar.
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July 12, 2007 2:52:44 AM

I like the feel of the Warlock the best, but I hate how powerful it is. The class is full of noobs who play a warlock just because it's strong.
July 14, 2007 12:29:35 AM

Is that right? I've not tried that class yet. Interesting.

July 19, 2007 12:37:13 PM

I'm playing on lightninghoof (37 mage), my other is on burning blade I think.

I also have trouble with the "o" window, the thing keeps bugging out and I can't select anything. Atleast the game has stopped crashing everyday, blizzard fixed that with a patch the day after I sent an error report (has crashed atleast 20 times the same way, after the patch it has stopped)

Of course you never heard of huntard, no one will call you that to your face lol. I'm not a big fan of hunters (wow) and rangers (gw).

Locks piss me off (almost as much as pallies, don't need to get into that lol), I counterspelled one last night when he tried to fear me and didn't notice the 2nd lock casting fear from behind the tree.. proceeded to get owned by a 70 pally... so much fun in stranglethorn!
July 19, 2007 4:44:12 PM

its an evil game IMO.. its too adictive for my liking. After a year and a bit playing it i finally managed to quit. With a new gaming PC on the horizon its very likely that i will be sucked back into the game unless i can get myself addicted to battlefeild or something like that enough so that i dont. As fun as the game is i found it took up too much of my time to remain competitive.

Other than that.. i played pretty much every class to at least 30 and found they all had their ups and downs. Some were kinda boring to level like shammy and paladin cause they are a bit slow although end game at lv 70 they are much more fun. Its the way you have to arrange your talents to level that usuall kills a class once you can respec pretty much every class is fun in its own way. Especially since classes are always being reviewed the "most over powered" class usually changes.