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I googled quite a few posts/read through them, and couldn't find a satisfactory answer. I bought a Dell like 8 or 9 years ago, and it came w/ a copy of Windows XP + a Key. Not sure why but it remained unopened for many years (went through quite a few PC's/lifelong windows user) but I was planning on getting the 29.99 microsoft upgrade and doing a clean install, if I install it and it asks for the previous key, it's ok to use that one right? Since it was still unused...I'm afraid of gettng my account locked up or something and might just do the install/reboot install again method but id rather try and do it as legitimately as possible...any ideas? Sorry if this doesn't make any sense...
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  1. you can get a upgrade from XP to 7, OK, ask MSFT marketing if they'll let you do that, but XP to 7, don't sound right, maybe Vista a long time ago, read the fine print, see if there's a expiration date
  2. Just use the new key that is provided. I am certain you will need a new key. I have bought the Win 7 Pro for 29.99 and it is working flawlessly.
  3. WOW
  4. never mind should work out
  5. So looks like XP to 7 is ok, it's in the list that I probably should've read but didn't access earlier.

    I m going to buy the copy, is it possible to buy the DVD and then download the 64 bit? Just to be safe I want to have a hard copy...and i heard it takes 2-3 weeks so i dont want to buy the disc upgrade if thts the only way ill get win 7
  6. i am also thinking about buying windows 7 for 30 bucks.

    I was wondering how the process works. If we download it after paying and in the future want to reformat, what do we do? Or do we download the whole windows 7 file and save it to a cd or usb?

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