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I am having some trouble with online gaming, every time I play for Example CS, MOHAA, BF, or any kind of game, it lags. But its not like ordinary lag, its more like in actions games when you run then stop and then continue on totally some other place. LOL.

I've just reformatted both partitions and reinstalled my windows XP, and still the same problem happens. Probably some virus, spyware or what ever is in my registry, or in my mother board. :O

CAUSE?: Yes, there is possibility of receiving a virus from some porn site. (EH dont blame me but my 2 other brothers who mess with my PC, I am a gamer not masturbator) Or it may be some other sites I dont know.

Someone plz help, if you need more info talk to me.

Thanks in advance

Ra1der 8O
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  1. hey,
    it would be helpful if you gave us your specs, temps as well as whats your internet connection speed?

    check your pc for viruses with a good anti-virus app. (nod, kaspersky...) AND "trojan remover"
  2. I have that problem, and I have diagnosed it down to the change over from RAM to Virtual Ram on my pc; usually when I leave a few things open when running a game, when I stop running or preform an action in said games It will stop for ~ 5 seconds the HDD light will go crazy and after that I am in a slightly different position or worst case; "DEAD" lol.

    So, whats ur memory amount?

    Another thing, it could be prediction which I know is used in css, if ur upload rate is low or being slogged by a trojan or something similar and you press forward, yet straight after than you change position\orientation and ur upload packets arn't getting through the game will use prediction and place you in the position it thinks you should be based of extrapolated data.
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