Pent 4 3.0ghz
1gb ram
7950GT BFG
Vista Basic

I play BF2142, CSS, CS 1.6.

I get about 10-30fps bf2142 on med graphics online, css I get around 20-60, and 1.6 30-60. I dont understand how I can be dropping down to 30fps in 1.6?? but I can run css and bf2142 on my computer?? My friends tell me I get unusually low fps because my system is better then theirs and they still get much better fps around 80 on source. I am losing performance somewhere badly, I think it might be my os I have no clue.
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  1. it's vista, if you have a Pentium 4, Vista is going to hog it with all of it's unneccessary processes running in the background...
  2. Does the task manager not show all the processes running in the background? I removed sidebar, and when I game I only got 7-10 processes running

    (nvm about 47)
    Is 48 alot of processes to have running at once?
  3. BF2 and 2142 are memory mongers, I had the same problem, put in another gb, runs just fine.
  4. bf2142 needs 2gs min. But u should still get better frame rates...interesting? Try playing with xp without sp2. U should have a frame rates of around 200 for cs at lest. Bf2142 im guessing around 100. Or maybe try diff vidcard. Just try differtn cominations until u find the prob. This is the fun part about computing...enjoy it.
  5. Im not sure why you posted to similar theads within 3 hours of eachother...

    Anyway. Its 100% hands down all VISTA. I also run vista, and after a fresh install, Vista was using 512MBs of ram just for system processes. You are seeing the stutters because your processor is having to wait for textures and sounds to transfer to and from your harddrive and into ram. If you add network traffic to the mix, you are pretty dang overloaded.
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