E307: Microsoft Games Lineup Best Ever?

Microsoft's E3 media briefing showed off an impressive collection of games, including Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV, for both the Xbox 360 and PC that are scheduled for the second half of 2007. But is Microsoft's lineup the best ever?

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  1. That’s if non of them get delayed…

    But anyway, sure Halo3 will be good but I don’t think it will have the same effect as the first one did on the industry. After all it will just be the same old with better graphics and a few changes, people like change when it comes to games and I don’t think Halo3 will have enough of these. GTA is looking to be a very nice addition to Microsoft’s catalogue of 360 games. But I have my doubts as to if this game will come out before Xmas.

    The games are good but not great, what I have to ask is what does Microsoft have after all these titles are released. Can they possibly make next year interesting?

    I just hope 2008 is not going to be a repeat of 2003 when the gaming industry was as dry as a mans mouth after a night out drinking shots of whisky.
  2. For me the most important thing about Halo 3 is the conclusion of the story arch. Sure the graphics will look better and some gameplay elements will be added, but to me that's not really important for this game. If they mess up the whole Cortana-Gravemind-Arbiter-Sergeant Johnson-MC interaction, and end up with a less than perfect finish for the trilogy, I will truly be unhappy. A lot of people are in it for the multiplayer though and that leans even less on graphics or new gameplay additions (Counterstrike anyone?). Level layout,matchmaking and population are what matters there, and the guys at Bungie are pretty good at that so Halo 3 will probably be a great hit regardless of the campaign section. Gears of War on pc will also sell pretty well I guess (all those ps3 owners that hate Xbox360 now have an excuse to get it :D ) and I wonder if they'll make it so Xbox owners can multiplay against PC owners, and if they upgrade online play a bit while they're at it.

    Non MS but I also saw a trailer for Killzone 2 which looked pretty good. This might be the game that gets me to get a PS3 (secretly wanted one but nothing besides Resistance to sway me) if only they came in white. It would look pretty next to my xbox then but black... I don't know :heink:
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