Software emotion engine for new PS3?


The future PS3 (80G) will have a software emotion engine for backward compatibility with PS and PS2. What does that mean in terms of performance and compatibility with PS2 games? Is it better or worst than what the current PS3 has?


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  1. Means it wont work with as many games, though the performance should be the same with the games it does work with. I would argue to buy the old PS3 unless the new PS3 offers anything you cant live without.
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    I thought they would be able to make more games compatible since updating the software sounds easier to me. Anyway, the new PS3 is $100 more than the old... for 20 gig of disk... Sounds like a joke to me. I really don't know where Sony is going with the PS3. I found their E3 kind of lame. I hope they were just saving the big stuff the Tokyo game show.


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