Gigabute GA-7vrxp Hassle :(

First post here so HI ALL!
Ok, heres a long storie and I really hope someone can help as I am very stressed and just very tired after endless sleepless nights to try get this working.

Basicly I had a P3 866, 256sdr 133mhz ram, gf 32meg ddr.
I wanted to upgrade So i came to Toms Hardware like always and read guides.
One i read was the 18 VIA KT333 comparing guide. Conclusion Gigabute GA-7vrxp is top so I went got that one.
My system as it is now
AMD XP2200+
crucial 512mb DDR333mhz 2700ram
40 gig Maxtor ata133 on IDE0
40 gig maxtor ata66 on Raid
dvd/cdrw on IDE1
Ati Radeon 8500 64mb latest catalyst

Ok, I put the system togeather with CPU heat/sink fan (valcnao 7+) the Hiper 350Watt PSU (had good reviews) and its all togeather also 2 80mm case fans sucking/blowing.
I first booted the PC up and it never came on the monitor, fans was going etc but no view. so i checked everythig over and then got told to put CK_RATIO to auto. I did so and it was working fine I set bios up and was off to format/partioon/install XP PRO on new ATA133 HD.

Lets make the storie shoter now
Its a REV 2.0 bored gigabyte.
I got the latest drivers for the onbored sound from gigabute site.
I got the latest Promise Raid drivers
I got latest catalyst for radeon card.
My problems after problems:
Firstly the Sound was crackling I got told to get a MOdded bios F9 and change PCI latency to 64, I did so and fixed the crackle and pop. But the Aduio is very very low even with all volume controls full whack in XP, the sound is very low I barely hear why is this? How I fix it? I reinstalled drivers and even safe mode to seek DUPE drivers and it seems to be fine but very low sound.

HD, My HD was never working ATA133 and seems very slow it took a good 10 to 15 minutes to install BattleField on this system and on my brothers it took 5 to 7 which is ata100, xp2100 and nforce 1 bored.
Also things in windows seem not to be going so fast.. I got told never to install via 4 in 1's with XP but today I thought i try it and I did, and according to Sandra 2002 its going UDMA 6 (ata133) but still seems very slow and results are around 21000 something when i got told it should be 23 to 27+ at least, so whats going on? how i get HD to work its full way?

Another problem is games, I load a game CS, BF, Q3, UT2k3 demo and at first after 5 minutes of play the system would reboot its self after time and after time. Installing the latest 4 in 1 that I dared to install on XP the reboots seemd to stop.. but today it started again games eithre go back to windows or reboots the system and it could vary from 5 mins play to 6 hours. Also at one time a blue error screen came up and dam i couldent read the blue screen as it rebooted quickly so I couldent get the details.
So, Now I am here with a machine that pretty much has alot of problems and I have spent 4 nights up till 5am trying to fix (UK btw) alot of help has been dished out but none seems to fix it.
I would be so so thankful and very greatful of someone could just please help me get the machine stable and working fine so I can sleep wake up and play some games to take my mind off work :).
If anyone can help at all, any idea of anything then maybe we can chat via MSN search:
I thank everyone in advanced and pray that this can be solved as alot of my money has gone into the machine and its caused me a overdraft DOH! :).

Mr Warren.
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  1. bump, really desprate sorry.
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