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I have built my own computer by buying from separate places off the internet. I have come across a problem i cannot solve, and i have asked many people who know a lot about computers but they cannot figure this out.

These are the parts:
Motherboard: SOYO SY-KT333 Dragon Ultra-Platinum VIA KT333 Socket A for AMD/XP
Video Card: MSI Nvidia GeForce 4 ti 4600 with 128mg of ram
Cpu: Amd 2200+
Moniter: Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2020u
A CDRW Drive and DVD Drive
Case: RAIDMAX - EXONIC with 400w power supply
Ram: 512mg of DDR 2700

I have put everything together (except the cpu into the motherboard,which came bundled; but i placed the fan onto the cpu), i turn it on, i hear whirring of drives and lights on motherboard turn on. But i don't hear any beeps and my moniter doesn't display anything. I have double checked the moniter and video card so i know it cannot be these. I then unhooked everything but power bottun, motherboard, videocard, ram, and moniter. It still didn't work. I even took it out of the case to make sure it wasn't shorting. I would appreciate any help i could get. Thank you.

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  1. Sounds like you might have a shorted board due to a misplaced mounting post. Read the FAQ.

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  2. ty for replying, i have tried doing this. I have taken motherboard completely out of case and away from averything except cardboard but it still doesn't work
  3. well, the easiest thing to do now would be to start testing the individual parts, but I doubt you have a second system with which to do this. A shop probably wouldn't charge you much to look at just the mobo, CPU, video card, and RAM.

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  4. Check the cmos jumper to be sure it is in the "normal" position. Reseat the ram and video card. The ram should "snap" into position with the side clips engaging as you lock it in. Double check the power switch connector; could be backwards. I once had a desktop case with loose bracket in the bezel that grounded out the board unless I disconnected the reset switch.
  5. ty for advice, i will try it out
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