Gaming PC *MUST SELL*Sales Start Next Week

E6750 2.66 never overclocked-150
Gigabyte P35 DS3L-80
3 Gb of OCZ Ram 800MHZ PC6400-40
Cooler Master Real Power Pro 750W-90
XFX 8800GT 512 MB-235(Extra 25 for Accellero S1)
Zalman 9500 LED-40
Maxtor 500GB Hard Drive-85
Ultra Aluminus Case, modded front, to fit 80MM fan-65
Some fans, a fan controller, a dvd drive
About a week old, realized I didnt need a new computer
Trying to sell whole, but if I get enough people interested, will part out.
Not selling right now, but will next week. Wanted to see who's interested?
Around 800 to 850 for whole PC
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  1. $600-$700 for the whole computer.
  2. NightScope are you interested in buying it?
  3. I may be interested but you're a stranger with no credibility here.
  4. Check your Private Messages.
  5. Well if your interested PM me
  6. Will start parting out on monday or tuesday, if anybody is interested in any of the parts contact me.
  7. still interested in that E6750 u got
  8. Need to sell 8800GT for 230 plus extra 25 for Accelero S1 with Turbo Module.
    Trying to sell them together
  9. is this pc still up 4 sale
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