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Hi i am having trouble running oblivion on a pc running vista home premium. It installs ok but wont run? Any ideas?
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  1. Your video card is probably unable to play it. What are your specifications?
  2. Thanks for the reply im not sure if it could be the graphics as i can get to the screen that detects the graphics and it sets itself automatically to match the hardware.
    On the other hand it is running onboard graphics so i will try and give you a list but it wont be precise as i will have to do it from memory as it isnt my pc.

    e4300 dualcore
    1 gig ram
    G965 on board graphics basically an updated x3000 core to run aero(i know this as i had to check for the owner as he thought he got stiffed on the upgrade).
    Not sure on mobo but the pc came from dell!(yea i know)

    Hm i just had a thought i remember reading some where that oblivion uses 400meg of ram and im wondering how much vista uses if its a lot and the figure for oblivions usage is right then it could be lack of ram?
    Thanks again Mactronix
  3. I did some brief reading and your video card has had some trouble with Oblivion before. They added a driver for the card to let it run Oblivion, though. http://news.softpedia.com/news/INTEL-Rolls-Out-a-New-Beta-Driver-for-the-G965-Series-57724.shtml
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