MSI KT3 Ultra Nuked? Help Please!

Hey all, I think I nuked my mobo and I need your expertise. Heres the lowdown. I finially was able to tweak my bios to make my Corsair XMS 512megs DDR memory to work with this MSI KT333. Well, I found new bios using live update and flashed and installed them. Well it booted up fine to bios and I adjusted them the same as they were before. When I reboot now, I can't even get to the Bios screen. It came up once in while but then just stopped working all together. I tried clearing cmos, I tried moving the memory, I tired everything. No luck, it reboots to a black screen with a cursor on the top left. So I guess my only alternative is to buy a new motherboard. If you guys have any idea if my motherboard is salvageable let me know.
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More about ultra nuked please
  1. Try removing the battery for 1 minute, and see if it will post. If it does, use less agressive settings for your memory next time.
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