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Hardware Woes and Upgrade Help Needed!

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September 30, 2002 1:48:23 PM

I recently purcased a leadtek Geforce 4 4600 MyVivo card. While I believe the card works correctly, I simply cannot get decent FPS's in any games. I upgraded from the original 64 md DDR Radeon and got only a marginal improvement in frames. Current System:

MoBo: DFI AK75-EC (KT133)
CPU: 1 ghz AMD Thunderbird
Ram: 512 Mb PC100 (128, 128, 256)
Video: Leadtek Geforce4 4600 MyVivo
HD: IBM Deskstar 7200 ATA-100
Sound: SB Live 5.1 Value
NIC: Network Everywhere b-100 (Linksys)
OS: Win2000k (no service packs)

I get 15-30 frames in the UT2003 demo (and respectively poor performance in other Direct3d games), frame jumps in Counter-Strike, and a poor 3DMark2001se score considering my card. I've updated all drivers, flashed bios, and gone through CMOS to optimize everything I can (however, my CMOS seems to a fairly barren wasteland, no overclocking, fastwrites, and a slew of other setting people have said 'make sure to set'). I've even reconfigured win2k to not share PCI slots since my videocard was sharing IRQ 11 w/ sound, network, and usb hub. No improvement.

The question is, is my motherboard/ram a serious bottleneck or just not work correctly with the geforce4? If so, what should I upgrade to?

I'm considering either the GIGABYTE GA-7VRX (v2.0) or the ABIT KX7-333. I don't need sound, so in that regard the KX7-333 might be better. But the Gigabyte seems to have a lot of good features (provided I don't get a lemon board). I'm also worried that the KX7-333 may not support chips greater than AMD XP +2200 if I upgradelater on. Can anyone confirm this or reccomend which of these two (or another) board I should buy?.

BTW, I'm getting 512mb DDR 2700 CAS2 ram from corsair and a +1700 with the new board.

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September 30, 2002 3:30:54 PM

Hey P,

Since you are going to get a new mobo & cpu, try reformatting your HDD & reinstalling windows & the newest drivers(do not forget the mobo drivers). Sometimes with video cards you need to totally remove the old drivers from the HDD. Good Luck

Peace Out................tile

god knows your entire system setup & he would answer your questions if he could just stop laughing
September 30, 2002 5:19:34 PM

I'm definitly going to try that before I order my components. I'm running win2k and I'm going to try reformatting and installing win98se (which I had been using up until about 5 months ago). I don't know if SE may do anything, but I'll try that. If that doesn't go, back to win2k after another format.

I just need a break from school work to do this all :) 

October 1, 2002 12:46:54 AM

ABIT KX7-333 is a great board.