Need help getting 360 vga cable to work with 19 inch lcd monitor/tv that is my t.v. I have the xbox 360 premium 1 that costs 400 dollars. I have the xbox 360 vga adapter. My monitor has vga input as you can all tell... only one problem..... no picture with vga!!! s-video works perfectly with the 360 but the vga adapter doesnt! as soon as it hooks up the color detection thing that says the monitor/t.v. is working goes away and i am left with a blank screen.. someone help!
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  1. The link did not work for me so I will assume you tried switching input sources on the monitor. Can the monitor use both inputs at the same time? I have my 360 running to my 19" Samsung LCD PC monitor, which has both DVI and VGA inputs, but both cannot be used at once.
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