Questions about the Xbox 360, please be gentle

Every since I've played my buddy's 360 and the demo machine in Gamestop, I now want an Xbox 360. Yet, I am new to the whole thing. Xbox Live has always been kinda a mystery to me since the orginal Xbox. Also these, Red Ring of Death problems I keep hearing. I am really impressed by the system and what it can do but I am ingorant about a few things.

For instance,

1. When is this so called revision going to come out that will fix the Red Ring problem?

2. What's the deal with Xbox Live?

Thanks in advance and please be gentle in the answers
I am going to become one of you someday.
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  1. No one knows when thell actually start shipping true fix to the 3 RLOD , they do patch work that has already shipped, But its peoples guess that the 65mm will fix these problems Again date unknown

    As far as xbox live , basic's are you pay ~$54 a year to play with people online (well worth the money IMO) Yet i dont have live. the paid subscription also alows you to download dems and extra game stuff, as well as some movies and tv shows (all for there own price) You can go on live for free but then you cant play with other people just download some games and stuff.

    THe cons you will hear is that you have to pay to play unlike ps3 systems and cpu system online play. It also is not true online _as to say you cant browse the web....
    I say its worth the $8 month to have the features you get. Also everyone is running the same software when playing (mostly everyone). Unlike cpu someone can have a patch that you don thave and so on...
  2. Quote:

    1. When is this so called revision going to come out that will fix the Red Ring problem?

    My Xbox 360 died and I just recently got a Refurbished one. It has a new Heatsink that is suppose to at least help with the problem. Considering I don't play the XBOX a lot (or at least as much as others do) I should be fine. I don't know if current XBOX 360's are shipping with this new Heat sink, but I would think they would be shortly. The 65nm from what I have heard they are going to try to get them out by Christmas this year. Maybe a little after that.

    I did XBOX live for a while (I don't have that great of internet connection) but playing BurnOut online was pretty fun. It adds another demention to the game that you can't predict. (I guess thats why they always have those warnings on the game). Because I never used it much, (never found the need to chat with a punch of people while playing a game) I just use Xbox live to download new demos of games coming out.
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