Need help naming a games cafe

Hi everyone,

recently, my friends and i decided to open up a lan cafe here in Sudan (yes, it's THAT sudan where darfur is in), we agreed on the hardware and everything but couldn't agree on a name, any suggestions? :sol: (it has to be in English)

Thx in advance.

- I know a lot of u will come up with names that will make me ROFLMAO, but please try to include good ones too. :p
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  1. Is this going to be a gamer haven, or are you trying to attract the biz crowd?
  2. Well that IS the important question here if you want a suggestion for the name of your café...
  3. N-Frag
  4. Battlegrounds?
  5. What about 'The Free Fire Zone'?
  6. Warlords?
  7. Fragzone
  8. Video Games
  9. Ctrl-Alt-Elite

    You are so welcome
  10. sorry i didn't reply, i was busy in real life.

    Yes it is going to be kinda gamer heaven, since a gamer has no place to go here in Sudan.

    I thought of Khartboom, or Dar-For-Games (Dar means house in arabic) but thought it was too hard to explain for ppl. but still it sounds cool. :D
  11. I love ur suggestions, they are all so creative. especially that Ctrl-Alt-Elite :)

    Plz keep those names coming....
  12. Ctrl-Alt-Elite is absolutely great:)
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