What do u think of these parts?

Hey, guys, can u please give me your opinion of these parts:
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum
AMD Athlon 64 3000 (939-pin) Box
A-DATA 256MB PC 3200 DDR 400 * 2
ATI Radeon 9600XT 128MB TV DVI Dual-Head AGP Video Card Retail
Compucase super Midi Tower CI 6A19

I also have a faw questions...
does the mother board support DUAL DDR?
Should I take the ADATA memory stick or maybe some other company is batter for this board?

So what do u think...?
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  1. The Athlon 64 chipsets don't suppot dual channel as far as I know. I'd invest in some better memory modules, I've never even heard of a-data. Get a more well known brand like corsair, crucial, kingston, etc. I'd get corsair xms myself. Also, you are going to want more than 512mb of ram. 1GB is pretty standard now and you will need it if you plan on playing any new games.

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  2. Well, I've seen some disturbing reports of problems with that MSI mobo. Enough to make me worry? Don't know, but I'd search the forums first. The Athlon64 supports dual channel DDR, as does this particular mobo. BUT, there are conditions.

    This page-

    <A HREF="http://www.msicomputer.com/product/p_spec.asp?model=K8N_Neo2_Platinum&class=mb" target="_new">http://www.msicomputer.com/product/p_spec.asp?model=K8N_Neo2_Platinum&class=mb</A>

    at MSI explains how to do it and what to use in the way of memory.

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